Camera Hygiene - Steve Gandy Photography


Overview Description

Cleanliness is next to getting super images-ness… ;-)

Well, a clean camera, viewfinder, screen, lens, filter and sensor can help at  at the very least. And it helps maintain the value of your equipment. In this class you will learn to clean all the parts that need cleaning safely and well.

If you are like me, you shoot in a lot of challenging situations that can make your gear get dirty. Let’s make it shine.

You will leave with a small starter kit of materials for the camera and lens too.

Dust spots on sensors are a real problem and the manufacturers and camera stores charge $40 and more to clean them. Further, dust will begin to accumulate as soon as the technician finishes the job! Everyone thinks this is pretty scary until they learn how to do it. You can learn to do it safely yourself. Dust spots will really show up when you shoot with a small aperture  that increases the Depth of Field (as covered in my Focus on Focus Class). Removing one or two is easy in our software applications nowadays but when it gets bad. You need it cleaned.


Cleaning Notes


Camera bags, filters, techniques, plastic bags, and smarts.

Clean in a quiet air environment with good light.




Least to most dangerous procedures;


Body and Lens Exteriors

Air, brushes, wet cloths, wipes, wet brush.

Lens connectors on lens and camera, wipes or wet cloth.


Lens Glass

Good air, your breath, lens cleaner or wipes, lens paper, lens cloth.



Good air or don't.



Camera's function, good air, post processing software clean up, then if necessary....

specialty brushes, sensor swabs.


Sequence I use:

  1. Clean out the bag. Good place for compressed air
  2. Blow off the outside of bodies and lenses with the hand blower, not compressed- use small brush for crannies etc.
  3. Wipe the outside of all bodies and lenses with a damp soft cloth or alcohol wipes or both.
  4. Take off lens, open battery doors etc. and clean all the connection parts.
  5. Lens glass cleaning.
  6. Body sensor cleaning.