Tech and Photography Class Notes and Resources

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Local and Boulder Digital Arts Classes

Digital Photography

Camera Hygiene

BDA: Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop Elements

BDA: Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop

BDA: Adobe Photoshop for Photographers Hands On

BDA: Getting Started & Hands-On with Adobe Lightroom

BDA: The 20 Best Tips for Nature & Landscape Photographers

Photograph Your Artwork Classes and Shoots

Meetup: Bright Moon Photography Meetup Handouts - PDF download

Meetup: Flowing Water Photography Evening Meetup Handouts - PDF download

Meetup: Exposure Basics Lesson Meetup Handouts - PDF download

Meetup: Focus On Focus Meetup Handouts - PDF download

Meetup: Composition Basics Meetup Handouts - PDF download





















Other/Older Classes

BDA: Transitions: Introduction to Digital Photography Day 1

Foundations of Digital Photography: Beyond the Basics at Englewood Camera

CoMUG - Digital Photo Workflow with Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw, and Photoshop

Bixby School - Portfolios with Photography


Science/Technology Integration

Databases in SpreadSheets Overview

PT3 Seminar #3 - Design Principles

PT3 Seminar #2 - Technology Integration


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